Racer Rules Requirements

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Competition Rules

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General Rules

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Race Procedures:

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  • – Super Pro – 7.00 to 11.99 seconds
  • – Pro – 9.00 to 13.99 seconds
  • – Sportsman – 12.00 to 19.99
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Notice: it is the responsibility of the participant, not nhra or Firebird motorsports park, to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained and used, and that you abide by all safety rules.
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  1. Go to tower and consult with Race Director for approval.
  2. All questions concerning acceptable bracket changes, upgrades or substitute vehicles must be approved by Race Director.
  3. This change must be done prior to Round 1 of eliminations. The substitute vehicle may not get a time trial depending on the time of the replacement.
  4. Acceptable substitute vehicles must be out of competition and legal for the class.
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General rules

  2. All safety and tech rules published in the NHRA rulebook apply by ET class. Please consult track official with any questions. We are here to help you and make sure you are safe.
  3. NHRA chassis certification required on entries quicker than 9.99 ¼ or over 135 mph, 6.39 1/8
  4. Functional tail lamps required on all entries. Strobe or other unapproved tail lamps prohibited.
  5. Timed ignition interruption device (stutter box) prohibited in all classes.
  6. Delay boxes. The Tachometer or any RPM function are prohibited from interaction with the delay device or related accessories. See NHRA Rulebook
  7. Delay boxes allowed in Super Pro Bracket class. The Box MUST be removed from vehicle in all other classes.
  8. Hi-Rev limiters recommended in all classes.
  9. Data recorders that are proactive to the operation of a vehicle are prohibited in ALL NO- BOX classes. Wiring from the tachometer to any device is prohibited. Other electronics may be prohibited by class. If in doubt ask tech inspector.
  10. Also prohibited in ALL Classes: Any electronic device used to determine down-track position; Any device that employs a timer, counter, or signal generator to determine down-track position; any type of line sensor for either start or finish; any telemetry device capable of communicating vehicle data during a run, any wheel pickup sensing devices; any unconventional uses or applications of legal devices that would render them illegal under NHRA Rules.
  11. An NHRA license or license number and membership is required to run the NHRA Division Team Finals. The rules for NHRA Bracket Finals may vary from our track rules. Refer to Rule Book.
  12. All supercharged entries, or any entry using Nitrous Oxide faster than 8 seconds in the ¼ mile, and 5 seconds 1/8 mile must have approved lower containment device (diaper). Recommended for all other cars.
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Clothing Requirements: